The Spike’s LA correspondent, Becky B, writes with this news:

“I’m obsessed with necklaces from Dylanlex but saving up because they are so $$$ and I’m back into converse black leather boots in a big way.

I love my new earring from Anine Bing [main picture] and all Illesteva sunglasses.

Fucking hell there was a GIANT cockroach in my bathroom yesterday. Jumped out of my wash bag. I nearly fucking died.

You crave mini eggs here – the choc is so shitty. I would kill for a Curly Wurly.


You cannot bake any tried and tested recipes here as the flour, sugar and even baking powder is fucked up. I reckon that’s why no American ever raves about a chewy cookie – they’ve never fucking tried one! It’s impossible.”

Thanks Becky! Wow LA sounds so wacky and awesome! Now get yourself to the beach, girlfriend! I hope you drown.