Rather than a Friday Spike today I am bringing you new stuff from the very excellent Hush.

After years of sucking up to them and going on and on about how much I love Hush and their T-Shirt and their scarves and their catalogue and just everything, I was invited to a special Spring/Summer preview of their clothes. This is very exciting for me, to be an insider rather than an outsider for the first time, probably ever.

Anyway this collection is not available yet, but will arrive online mid-February (I will keep you updated). These are my favourites:


Okay I know I said no more grey sweatshirts but I like this short-sleeved one: very Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop (this is a good thing).


Nice pair of boyfriends, if you haven’t already got some.


Blue shirt. Tasty.


Hush’s first foray into sunglasses – these are great and very wearable.


This sits just below the knee – so not as hard to wear as a true midi-skirt. This would look so terrific with a white t-shirt tucked in and a colourful necklace.


Loose navy trousers. Navy is just one of the most useful colours there is, really.


Great colour for the sunshine.


You’ve got to get your underwear really sorted to wear this top but it’s lovely if you can.


Flamingo print bed shorts! Just try to stop me wearing them on the beach though.


Navy midi sundress. So comfy after a day in the sun (she says wistfully).