My name is Esther Walker. I am a journalist and I work for The Times, Grazia, The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mail and some other people. I am married to the Times restaurant critic Giles Coren and we have two kids: Kitty, who is 6 and Sam, who is 4.

I used to write a food-and-kids blog called Recipe Rifle, but my kids are a bit older now and I want to write about other things.

So this is The Spike and it’s going to be about whatever is on my mind and you just have to kind of put up with it.

I do not take freebies except in incredibly exceptional circumstances when the thing is something I really, really want and really, really cannot afford.

Almost everything you see on The Spike is something I have seen and liked or something that I have bought and liked. I am never paid to promote a product on The Spike and would never seek to be *rides away into the sunset on high horse*.