My name is Esther Walker. I am a journalist and I work for The Times, Grazia, The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mail and some other people. I am married to the Times restaurant critic Giles Coren and we have two kids: Kitty, who is 6 and Sam, who is 4.

I used to write a food-and-kids blog called Recipe Rifle, but my kids are a bit older now and I want to write about other things.

So this is The Spike and it’s going to be about whatever is on my mind and you just have to kind of put up with it.

You can find me on Twitter @estherwalker

or on Instagram @esthermcoren

Confusing! God forbid I have any sort of linked-up thing happening. When I started this blogging shit there WAS no Instagram and I wasn’t married.


I used to declare that I never took samples or freebies in a sort of moral madness, but then my husband told me that I wasn’t allowed to buy any more stuff so I have had to climb down off that particular high horse. If there’s something you want to send me, email me at and we can talk.