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I am a huge fan of ice-white jeans. I know that’s a bit like admitting that my favourite programme is Mrs Brown’s Boys (which it is), but god damn it, I like them.

But my only pair are very tight and from J Brand and I feel like I’m being held hostage by two very bitchy Sloanes every time I put them on. Also, tight white jeans are a fashion faux pas these days that I don’t think even I can really take on the chin. I blame Republicans.

Anyway I have a solution! And that is – white boyfriend jeans. Or, to be more precise, girlfriend jeans.

Gap girlfriend jeans, which are remarkable in their unremarkableness and deliriously comfortable, come in white. If you want a snug – though not skinny – fit, then go for your standard waist measurement, if you want a more relaxed fit, go one size up.

Even if you get a more relaxed fit, if you look after them you can wear them to really quite smart things. I haven’t been invited to Wimbledon this year, but if I was, I would wear these with a smart blazer and my best handbag.