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I have historically been a bit shy of eye make up that is very waterproof or long-lasting. I once had a mascara from Paul & Joe (I know, what are they doing making make-up?) that was waterproof and would literally not fucking come off, it wasn’t very nice.

But recently I am a bit sick of putting my eyeliner on in the morning – a hasty and inaccurate task, as I’m sure you can envisage – only for it to have fallen off during the morning and need to be reapplied later. Or to have smudged horribly under my eyes, which when I was 25 I’m sure would have been sexy but is now just a bit… bag lady.

So I went into Superdrug and randomly bought a Max Factor Excess Intensity Longwear Eyeliner for about £5, vaguely thinking that I ought to be spending a bit more on something from Bobbi Brown.

But this is amazing! Not only does it stay on all day, (even after an absolutely ginormous coughing fit), you twist it up rather than sharpen it with a pencil sharpener, as I find myself doing about once a week. Although… packaging… landfill…

How about you? What make-up discoveries have you made recently?