I have got such a massive crush on all the costumes in Divorce at the moment. It’s all modern Seventies, close-patterned floaty dresses, boots and long coats.



I never wear anything approaching to that style of dress, yet I covet it madly. I think it’s because there is no need for smart daywear in my life and perhaps at times I wish there were.

But that does mean that I don’t have any smart daywear, which is problematic the three times per year when I need it.

I was alerted to a red Gucci-esque skirt on Twitter that was from M&S, so, home alone as I was as Giles is in Lapland (don’t ASK), I hopped on the M&S website and found, verily, many things that might pass for SJP-esque Divorce-wear. And I bought the lot! Serves Giles right for going away. DO YOU HEAR ME?!?!?! (I am not drunk.)

Of course the truth is that the costume designer of Divorce did not buy all SJPs costumes from one shop, not even from Marni or Prada (let alone from Marks and Sparks) she got them all from vintage dress shops and had them fitted to Sarah Jessica. Ergo most of the things I have bought from M&S will have to be returned – but a girl’s got to have her fun somehow.

Just by the by, I saw an episode of Divorce last week where SJP does a sort of Carrie-esque turn and smile in the street having seen a hot man. My little heart skipped a beat.

Paisley print dress


Sorry, such a lazy screen grab from me – red floral midi skirt 
Printed dress