It’s the half term that won’t die – *horror scream face* – Kitty’s school, in its wisdom, has decided that the Autumn term, being very long, needs a two week break in the middle of it.

Kitty is five and a half, so hanging out with her for a week while Sam is banged up at nursery is, in fact, not too much of a hardship. But it does so take me away from my laptop.

So here is a scrap, a piece of paper edged out to you in the slim gap underneath the closed door of full-time childcare.

Over half term we discovered someone who had the same play farm set that we had. In order to encourage children to actually play with it, they had taken all the component parts and glued them down to a board.

We dashed home and did this – leaving one or two gates, the roofs of the farm buildings and the animals loose – and it transformed this toy from a clattery collection of bits to an actual thing that Sam can play with.

If you have this farm set, too, and are mystified as to why your kids don’t play with it, try glueing the sucker down and see what happens.