Wooo and lordy and phew there is a lot of hoo haa on my email and Twitter and text and swirling around my head about footwear for the modern fleet-footed here-and-there lady of the daytime.

You’re all in such a tizz about it! Like you are running, running, running, from your future self you know lurks around about in February/March, when you will be wearing UGGs or other wretched but comfortable boots and you will be cosy and warm but hate yourself for a lack of style, dash and smarts.

Brogues! I hear you scream. Crepe-soled wedge-heeled black desert boots!

Where is it? What and where is the shoe that is modern and cosy, non-clackety, non ankle-breaky, PRACTICAL?

Look, I don’t have the answers, okay? I don’t know of a shoe that can take you from a 7am dog-walk through to brunch with a smart friend, a tussle with Waitrose, past the school run, through an unexpected rain storm, round an encounter with that woman you hate and out like an arrow out for cocktails, which will also flatter your big feet, hide your crow’s feet, not make you look like a man and force your fucking hair to behave.

I don’t know of that shoe!

But, while we’re pondering the tragedy of how we all only want one good shoe, but can’t find one, which leads us to buying seven or eight thousand, none of which quite get the job done – let’s have a look at these clog boots from Clarks. Yes, I know Clarks, but no-one will know unless they look very closely, and they are very comfy.

Ledella Abby clog boots, £80