Sorry I only thought to take a photo after I’d eaten most of it

I must share with you this marvellous salad I did for myself the other night. I did a thing that I’ve been meaning to try out for a while, which was to flavour the salad with garlic, without actually ingesting any garlic. Raw garlic hasn’t agreed with me for a while, but I do really love it. You may have the same problem.

Anyway what you do is rub the cut face of a big clove of garlic all round the bowl you’re using and then put the big halves in with the salad and toss it around and then leave it for ten minutes to flavour the whole thing. Then you can either leave the garlic halves in (for fun and to add an element of danger to proceedings) or fish them out.

This worked so well. I am so pleased with it.

Best Garlic/non-garlic salad

For 2

2 handfuls cherry tomatoes

large bunch of green beans, or runner beans

1 big clove of garlic

2 glugs of white wine vinegar

2 glugs of olive oil

salt and pepper

1 Trim the beans and drop them into boiling water for exactly 5 minutes, then drain and run some cold water over them.

2 Halve the garlic clove and rub it round the interior of your salad bowl. Toss the garlic into the bowl.

3 Put the olive oil and the vinegar into the bowl with the garlic

4 Halve the cherry tomatoes and toss these in. Then shake in the beans. Sprinkle over a good, big pinch of salt and about 8 or 9 turns of the pepper grinder.

5 Toss this together and then leave for maybe 5 or 10 minutes for the garlic to do its work.