I always assume that I am alone in not especially liking summer – that’s my solipsism in action for you – but in fact whenever you talk to anyone about their favourite time of the year, or favourite season, it’s almost never high summer. Some people seem to enjoy summer more than others but given a clear, free choice, almost no-one says that they like summer the most. They always say “Spring” or “those cold but bright winter days” or “autumn”. I asked Twitter and probably one person of the 40 or so who replied said summer. Nigel Slater – NIGEL SLATER!!! – said “Whenever it snows”.

So we’re all just slogging through it, it seems. We’re all just getting it done – although I’m not especially hating summer this year the way I have done previous years.

It helps this year that we’ve had some doses of sunshine, a couple of heat waves. Because when you have a shit rainy summer like we had last year, you look forward to Autumn simply because you’re so fed up with the disappointment of terrible summer weather. But when you have a good, hot, sweaty summer you can think: right, done that. And really look forward to Autumn for what it is.

MAN my Autumnlust is bad this year. I like Spring, but I love love LOOOOOOVE Autumn. And this year I’ve gone insane for it, since about June, like in the way that some people talk about wanting a baby. I’ll be wandering along, minding my own business and blam into my head will pop a vision of an apple pie, some autumn leaves, plaid curtains, a log burner.

I occasionally put “Autumn” into Pinterest and my feel my pupils actually dilating at the search results like a teenaged boy in front of YouPorn.

Anyway I have no conclusion to draw from this. But I do think it must be an excuse for some marvellous pictures: