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Zinfandel raincoat, £32

Okay look look I know it’s insane – it’s August, it’s actually quite okay weather at the moment – but if you want to get your hands on this very good Autumn rain mac for your kids, you’d better get it now; this is one of those things that goes fast.

It’s made of that superb rubberised material that really properly keeps the rain out and it’s one of those items that’s just, you know… normal.

It’s just a normal, longish navy raincoat (it also comes in a jaunty yellow). It’s not neon or plastered in rotating dinosaurs. Just a boring navy raincoat – at a reasonable price as it’s John Lewis own brand and not Polan O Pyret or Joules: much harder to find than you think, hence the fact it will be sold out by the end of September.