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Well I don’t know about you but I am feeling underwhelmed at the moment. Uninspired. It’s this time of year, probably. As the end of term looms, even though my children are no longer impossible babies, we have got holidays planned and things are, you know, ticking over just fine, I feel down. The end of term has always made me feel melancholy, even in the days when I didn’t really like school that much. Everything feels a bit empty and sad.

I’m also feeling a bit gloomy because I miscalculated some building work and had to present my husband with a bill that was twice what he was expecting. I mean, he was nice about it, we did not have a fight, but still. I went to sleep thinking about it. I woke up thinking about it.

So what else to do but look ahead to Autumn – if only briefly – to cheer myself up. And look! This navy chic mac by French mega-snoot clothing line APC that I wrote about last year is on sale at half price! At E210, down from E420 it is £176, which represents a proper bargain. AND there are still normal sizes left, I got mine in a 38, which is a UK12.

I see the navy/Oxblood colour combination, which was around a bit this year, being massive for AW16. If you don’t get this coat, make sure that any overcoat you buy – whether it is parka, down jacket, smart coat or raincoat – unless you are really, really keen on another colour and to hell with me: make it navy. If you fancy a new handbag, make it Oxblood. Or yellow. No more grey, please, or pink or green.

I will probably not present this sale purchase to my husband as any sort of intelligent financial saving on my part, although you and I know that this represents canny spending of the highest order, which effortlessly offsets my poor project management elsewhere.