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One of the best things about my husband is that, although he isn’t vain, he isn’t a massive dickhead about things like moisturiser, suncream, haircuts and going to the dentist and to the doctor.

And when I say “dickhead” what I mean is that he doesn’t point blank refuse to use any product other than own-brand soap and washing up liquid for shampoo and walk about an itchy mass of dandruff, dermatitis and shaving rash.

Very occasionally he will say things to me like “Can we have more of that Dove shower gel. It’s less drying.” Or confess to me that he has been using my face wash.

The other week he said that he has been using my St Ives peach kernel exfoliator on his head. He has been finding his scalp sub-optimal and troublesome and recalls some advice somewhere that exfoliating one’s scalp was a thing – also that that some kinds of baldness (not male-pattern) is caused by blocked pores and other scalp grossness. To give it a good scrub once a week is to encourage follicular health. Not that my husband is going bald, but he is very hip to preventative measures. “And it feels nice,” he added, slipping off into a brief reverie.

So I researched scalp exfoliators and found that Altea Caviar Exfoliating Scalp Facial, (it’s not a facial if it’s on your head!!!), is very popular and effective. The price seems to slalom wildly depending on where you look for this, but it seems to be about £33 on Amazon at the moment.