All my husband really wants to do is watch cricket. And there’s a lot of it about at the moment. But he can’t really watch cricket whenever he wants to because we only have one telly and whenever he puts the cricket on – whether or not the kids are watching some programme of their own – the kids will scream NOT BORING CRICKET DADDY and pelt him with plastic fire engines and colouring books and shoes until he turns CBeebies on and they then slump in front of the telly in their pants with dazed expressions until teatime.

So I am making one corner of Giles’s office into a cricket corner with an extra telly (unheard of for such rank intellectual snobs as my husband us) specifically for watching the cricket on. But what to do about a chair? I have absolutely had it with trying to find good sofas and the armchairs I’ve seen… I dunno I kind of think they’re just not right.

My husband’s telly-watching position is stretched out with his hands behind his head, feet up, newspaper balanced on his knee, cup of tea on the go somewhere. The armchairs and sofas I’ve seen are more for formal sitting or my kind of telly-watching, which is all scrunched-up, knees-bent.

But then I found this extremely marvellous Eames chair copy by a company I’d never heard before, Wallace Sacks. By the looks of their website all they do is churn out very affordable copies of rare – and therefore unavailable, therefore priceless – mid-Century design gems. Perfect telly-watching chair for the ardent cricket fan.

And they had a sale on! AND – here’s the best bit – my husband likes the chair. This is a miracle as he turns his nose up at almost all of my design suggestions.

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 12.24.26
Eames-inspired chair and Ottoman, on sale now for £499