I was very annoyed the other day to read on The Pool that my beloved denim jacket is no longer cool. It’s too fitted, they said. It’s too tight. It’s too Britney Spears. Tears started to come to my eyes as I read on.

What you have to do, said The Pool, is buy a massive ugly denim jacket, something from the late 80s or early 90s. Think Shannon Doherty.

I turned away, disgusted. I will have no more of this fashion, I thought. What care the mums and baristas of Tufnell Park whether I am fashion or not. And then they showed a picture of this jacket from Monki, a feminine, denim version of the Norfolk Work Jacket I was on about – and I thought… hmmm. Actually rather tasty. £40 from Asos.com.

This is how suggestible I am. Someone fucking shoot me.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 20.30.50
Is this jacket nice because it’s nice? Or just because the model is thin?

Now if you’ll excuse me, after a massive month-long work drought I am now insanely stressed and busy, so there might be a blank space where Monday’s post ought to be. Just close your eyes and think of a dress – any dress.

Have a great weekend, Spikers!