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Chic mac from APC

I have been looking for years for a chic rain mac – not a trenchcoat because I don’t suit trenchcoats and I also think they make you look a bit try hard – and also in the wrong circumstances, like a stripper.

I mean a mac. Like an old fashioned Mackintosh from the Mackintosh shop – but not actually one of those because they are seven hundred pounds.

Just a sturdy single breasted mac! Could I find one? No. So I got a beige men’s mac from Gap, worn it crumpled and large in a nod to those hateful Frenchies, Vetements (if you think I’m going to bother dignifying them with a circonoflex, you can forget it).

But had I known about this total, complete and utter beauty from the very underrated APC I would have saved up for it. It is E420, which is about £320 but it is just so great. Shame it doesn’t come in beige, but you can’t have everything.