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Ugh, Pacey you are still so super-hot, if a bit chubby round the face these days…

Alright alright so I am probably the last person in the world to have started watching The Affair. But I refused to watch it for ages for the specific reason that, as a married woman, any mention of affairs of any sort makes me quite nervous.

Most close female friends confess to me at some point, half-joking or not, that they are terrified that their husbands are going to have an affair. They (the wives) are always grumpy, they have got fat and look shit, they don’t put out enough… why would the husbands not stray?

I pass no comment on this, only to say that what I don’t want to spend my evenings doing is watching some bloody man getting his end away with a nubile temptress while his wife and mother of his kids sits about oblivious. Especially if my husband is sitting right next to me.

BUT!!! The Affair is not like that. Why does no-one say? Take every assumption about a story about an affair you’ve got in your head and toss it out of the window because this show isn’t about that. Not like that.

Anyway if you’ve got even half a mind on thinking that you need a new boxed-set, (to give it its correct yet inaccurate and terrible name), The Affair is not what you think it is.

AND it’s got Joshua Jackson in it!! He was such a massive crush of mine when he was in Dawson’s Creek – ranking highly in my list of crushes for the year 1995-2000, alongside Angel in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (series 1-3 only) and Drazic in Heartbreak High. Do you detect a theme of bad-boy/nutter here? I am so predictable.

God knows how long it will take me to start watching Sarah Jessica Parker’s new show, Divorce.