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This is a really great thing to make if you are contributing to a Christmas lunch or dinner, as bread sauce is a hassle and how many people make it alongside everything else? (Don’t answer that). This is delicious and, if it’s the only thing you’re making, not too much of a bother to do.

Aromatic brown bread sauce

This amount will do for about 10 people

1 large onion

150g wholemeal bread, crusts on

6 cloves

4 cardamom pods

some nutmeg

salt and pepper

75g butter

900ml milk – whole or semi

300ml double cream

Preheat your oven to 130C.

1 Chop your onion up really small.

2 Tear the bread into small pieces – about the size of a 50p coin and put in an ovenproof dish with the onion

3 Put the cloves and the cardamom into a small piece of muslin or cotton, tie with string and chuck into the dish. You could just put these free into the sauce if you don’t have a piece of muslin or any kind of substitute but you need to make sure you get them all out again, otherwise you might find yourself biting into a clove or a cardamom pod, which isn’t nice.

4 Grate over a generous sprinkling of nutmeg, salt and pepper and dot with butter. Mix the milk and the cream together and pour over the bread and onion. Cover tightly with foil or a lid and then cook for 2 hours(!). Stir once or twice during cooking.